Configuring Miplillary Widget with ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Hi there,

I am hoping to get some assistance with the issue we are currently experiencing. Currently, we are in the process of setting up the Mapillary widget using the web app builder in the ArcGIS portal. As I am currently unable to understand how to fill out the application, I am stuck in the process of registering an application properly. I’ve attempted to follow the instruction via the following URL:

Here is a screenshot showing how I registered the app. I’m not so sure if I filled in the Redirect ULR correctly. Based on my understanding, I am thinking that it needs to be filled out using oauth-callback.html URL. As the widget is hosted on our webserver, I have included the url as the redirect URL.

Widgets are deployed as custom widgets, and I have followed the proper steps to host them.

When I configured the widget in the web app builder, I have properly filled in the necessary information derived after the app was registered:

Once the widget had been added to the webapp, I clicked on the map to display the location. There are photos in the area both in my web appbuilder and in my Mapillary map. The images are accessible in Mapillary web map, but they are not clickable in ArcGIS Web App for some reason.
Am I missing any critical steps here to ensure that it is working in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder?

Any feedback on this issue will be much appreciated.


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I have the same problem as this post. I can only see the green lines and points of the Mapillary coverage. When I click on them nothing happens in the webapp (no street-level images are shown). I wish there were more details provided about getting this implemented in portal/windows server (i.e. web.config? CORS enabling? OAUTH2 redirect url, exactly which files to touch etc.) as we would really benefit from using this tool!

Edit: after adding the widget to the main window widgets along top of application window, I was able to get it working.