ArcGIS Pro plugin - filtering options

Is the ArcGIS Pro plugin mostly a demo / proof of concept, or is further development of the utility planned? One useful feature that I would like to see implemented from the Mapillary website is filters. Filter by user, 360 photos, date/time etc.

cc: @chrisbeddow

@kartmann this is a not a demo, but matured plugin.

We used to allow user filter and may be reimplementing this.

360 and date/time are a great idea, let me take to the team. If we find the chance to make an update we will announce it on the blog.

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That is great news! :partying_face: I am currently trying to get a lot more people to use Mapillary at my workplace. Setting the filter to only show images that we’ve taken, ensures that the pictures we do see in ArcGIS are of relatively good quality.

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