Mapillary in ArcGIS with custom photos

I have a specific set of georeferenced street view photos that I would like to show in ArcGIS using Mapillary (sort of like a custom street view tour).

How can I upload/display only these photos and not all of the photos available on Mapillary?


Dear AdventureDiscoverer,

Have you tried filtering by user name and date (range)?

Let me expand for Mapillarians who have only recently joined : on the www . mapillary . com / app page there are, in the top left corner, four icons : ‘hamburger’, magnifier , some yin/yang-like and a hexagon / 3D-cube ; the ‘yin/yang’ icon reveals the filter window : type your user name and the date(range) of the pictures you’d like to show.

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@adventurediscover Thanks for bringing this up once again. It has been discussed in this thread as well. Currently, it is only possible to filter coverage by organization_id Mapillary

@koninklijke Thanks for the response. This works perfectly and I was able to do so on the Mapillary website.
It seems like if I want only my data to show, I can filter for my username which is easy enough.

How can I do this exact thing in the Mapillary plugin for ArcGIS? I found a “Custom Parameters” section in the Layer Properties but this doesn’t work.

Edit: for clarification, this is ArcGIS Pro Desktop version, not the online version.


@adventurediscover ,

Sorry for not responding : ArcGis is outside my scope.

Could offer that Mapillary re-did their API in the summer of 2021, which broke many applications and plug-ins; in other words : was the plug-in updated thereafter?

Another thought is that -as this post hasn’t attracted any responses- you might find that you’re the only user who encounters this issue with the plug-in : it may then sit near the bottom of Mapillary’s ToDo-list.

This message primarily posted to bring post back in focus - but wouldn’t hold breath on imminent resolution.

Incidentally, if you found a work-around, could you please 1/ post what you did to resolve and 2/ edit subject line to include something like SOLVED : ?

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’) ,