Filter(s) For Exploration View

When using the explore screen, I would love to be able to filter sets by date, users, etc. For example, it would be nice on this screen to have it show me only paths added during the last week. Another nice feature would be to have it let me show everything that has NOT been added by a specific user or list of users.

Hi allen,

You can get to some filters when you click onto any photo from the area of interest, then choose “Map” from the top bar. On the right-hand side you should see “User filter” and “Time filter”.
It is on a long todo list to have filters in the explore screen as well, but right now a lot is going on so it may take a while to get to that.


Thank you. I can empathize with being in that position of having all sorts of useful things that need to get created. One more note on it, I see it as a tool for me manually creating a route to follow.

Ideally I could save a route that my navigation would read to me or I could look at ( driving / biking or walking ). This would be a handy first step in getting there since I could see what routes haven’t been covered this spring or what routes I haven’t gone on but maybe someone else has.

With time I’ve found some tweaks on the route I cover doesn’t often take much more time than my usual route. That’s why in the grand scheme I’m picturing a tool to save and prioritize those. The filter on the explore screen would be a nice way of making it easier to do that manually.

For anyone coming across this one, an example of what @katrin is refering to.

This is also a good example of where I’d love to be able to filter to only see panoramas. There’s some great views from up there.

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Hi all,
I interact a lot with the web view and several individual and collective accounts, since I dedicate efforts orienting civil society groups in their actions, using Mapillary as a tool to document a problem, a situation, an evolution.

I have two adds:

  1. Filter options (user and date) are very good and useful. It would be even better with a little more option, for example by keywords: from photos comments , or/and from a keywords / tags system you could explore.

Adding these qualitative options, as if it was a query system, would give a big potential to wide uses of the dashboard.

  1. Being able to share online, and embed the result of this filtered Exploration view would elevate the dashboard in a very very powerful thematic map.
    I can see a lot of use for that in civil society organizations practices.


@mapeadora, thanks for this feedback! The filters are work in progress and we’re thinking along the same lines as you are. Totally agree that this would contribute a lot to using Mapillary in different initiatives.

Hello mapeadora
I saw some of your photos and would like to request more, please send me a message (I do not know how to use this system yet but I will look for your messages :slight_smile: )