Mapillary Community Guidelines

Mapillary is all about sharing and exploring street level photos around the world. Our forum has been set up to support our community. It gives people the power to discuss, help and share knowledge with each other. We want this community to feel welcoming and to be about sharing and learning.

Things to do

Be nice and show respect
We want everyone to feel welcome and safe using our forum. It is all our responsibility to make sure the experience will be a positive one. Therefore, simply be nice and respect other members even if you disagree with what another person says. No ranting, trolling, being creepy, insulting, threatening of other members.

Have fun!
This is your community and you together with other members will make it an awesome place. Share the things that you want to know or are important to you. Help other members to see what a great community Mapillary is.

Things not to do

Don’t publish content that:

  • is NSFW
  • is copyright material
  • is harmful or dangerous
  • is violent
  • breaks the law

Don’t spam or self-promote.
Don’t spam other members. This includes making spammy posts, replies or messages. Also, don’t promote things that should not be promoted such as your project, website, Youtube channel etc. The forum is not a marketing channel.

Don’t post any private information ((i.e. name, address, email, phone number, private conversations.) about yourself or others. The forum is public and everyone can find the information.

Tell us

If you come across content that crosses the line and breaches these guidelines or our terms of conditions, please tell us about it. We will remove any content that violates these rules or breaks the law. If you are the one violating the rules we will send you a warning and for the most extreme cases we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately, without prior warning


As our community grows and changes so will the way we evaluate and enforce these guidelines. Therefore, we may need to update these Community Guidelines occasionally, so please be sure to check back here every so often for updates.

Most of all, have fun with the forum! Thanks for being a part of the Mapillary community!

The Mapillary team

Version: 25 Aug 2015