Location of My Failed Sequence

@tastrax Thanks for flagging this out, We’re re-importing some of the sequences either previously failed or not processed fully. No action required on your end.

I agree on showing capture date over ingestion date. There is a lot of room to improve Mapillary feed and this is one of the most import one.

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Really appreciated that. So I do have more useful information to take care of Mapillary for my next mapping activities.. .


Cluster ID: 450687989947321

For sure, Mapillary crashed during this sequence recording. While recording pictures and cycling, I discover that Mapillary app disappeared (not looking all the time at screen). I restarted Mapillary, look at the last sequence and went back to the last picture position. I started acquisition again. But, after upload, I discover that the interrupted sequence is indeed a failed one.

Hi @Eric_S. Did you use Android phone for capturing the sequence?

BR, Yaro

Yes. Samsung J7(2016) with Android 8.

Thank you for the answer. One more question. Which app version do you have?

The version on my smartphone is 5.3.25.