LG 360 experience


You could try removing the tab and use a right angle USB plug if you can find one.

Otherwise the next level would be soldering wires to the positive and negative on the PCB and powering it directly but then that is probably overkill compared to the simplicity of wedging it in your helmet.


Thanks Didz,
Yes, a right angle USB plug could be a solution although I still have something poking into my head and the tab must be removed. Besides, I’ve borrowed this LG cam from Peewee so I will not do that :wink: I better look for a camera that makes better images because the LG cam is not that good: bad stitching and blurry images especially in low light. So I’m looking at the insta360 one as alternative which has the same form.

BTW I’ve updated the video, here is the improved version:

And here are the Mapillary sequences:



I can put the camera from the top down and screw it with a longer tripod adapter, the flat round base will prevent that the camera can pop out of the helmet because it is bigger than the hole. I don’t feel it poking into my head. I can secure it even more with a tie wrap / lanyard to prevent it can fall down when I take off the helmet.


Here is LG360 and Insta360 One.
The narrow side width of Insta360 One is 24mm.
ファイル 2017-11-24 20 15 53


@tankaru Great to see the comparison between the two cameras! The hole in my helmet is only a few cm that wide (see the picture) so the insta360 won’t fit inside, it is a bit too wide.


Here is another timelapse video that I’ve taken with the LG360. When there is enough light, the photos are not bad at all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HRyAP5lb6Q


Very nice. Your backpack setup works well.


I have used an Osprey Daylite backpack. It has an convenient open compartment for a hydratation bladder behind the back where I have slide in my monopod. The backpack has a removable pad with ventilation holes where I’ve attached some shockcords to secure the monopod so it does not move. In this compartment I also store a powerbank to charge the camera. This way I can run the cam for hours without worrying that the battery will die.


There did/does exist a backpack with a pole for 360 cameras on it.
But I do not find it anymore on the internet.


Top notch DIY setup.


I would not dare to do that. If I fell the camera might give me a serious blow to the head.

I use a cheap selfie stick (yunteng 188 via ebay) and put it into my backpack.


Got one of these. How much post processing needs to be done if shooting with the app? Want to keep it to a minimum