Mount a 360 cam on top of a monopod on car roof

Does anybody have a good (=working) solution of how to mount a 360 cam on top of a monopod on a car roof?

I would like it to meet the following requirements:

  • Showing as little as possible of the own car
  • Not bending down because of the speed wind, if I need to drive fast.
  • Easy mounting/demounting
  • Not requiring a fat wallet. :smile:

Have you thought about a roof luggage rail ?

Yep. But I can’t figure out how to mount the monopod stick.

Cullmann or a vise.========================

Google has a mounting kit, including a monopod that can be used to raise the 360 cam up in the air. That’s good. The tricky part is how to mount it on a roof rail.

Should I try to get a clamp with a 1/4" screw, or to drill a 1/4" hole through the railing and insert a screw that goes into the monopod?

It feels like I shouldn’t be the only one with this kind of trouble…

I would add following requirement to your list of requirements (for me quite important):
-mount the camera as discrete as possible

I tried 2 cheap selfmade setups now,

  • a metal L profile with mounted selfy stick clambed under my open roof (my hobby car), works well driving slowly but very visible for other road users. People ask what I am doing.
  • a strong magnet (from an old speaker) with a cheap tripod with 1/4 inch screw, glued on it. Mounted on the roof of my black car. Car is black, tripod is black. Is much more discrete. Tested up to 100 km/h. But I have to enlarge the total height in order to show less of my car :frowning:

Tip, when you make sidewards pointed images with a 2-lense 360 camera, drivers on the rear (and front) can not really see a camera pointed to them. So this makes it more discrete.

Do you have any pictures of your car(s) to show what it looks like? :slight_smile:

I am also trying to think of the best way to mount on the roof of a car.

I have roof racks and I also have a monopod with fluid base so I can use it as a video monopod. I don’t really want to use the monopod as it is expensive and not discreet.

Something like a selfie stick but with a strong mount or clamp that attaches to a roof rack would probably best suit.

I have been trying to search for roof rack mounts in general online but all that comes up are roof racks you mount to vehicles. I want something to mount onto the rack not the rack itself so it’s been hard to define the difference.

How about this one?

Looks like it has a standard hole in the bottom. If you drill a hole through the roof rack and put a screw through it that meets the selfie stick…

I have a selfie stick which has a thread on the bottom. I’m not sure if the thread can hold a stick/pod during wind forces while moving. A good quality mount between the vehicle and camera is really important.

Roof racks have a channel for mounting/clamping things to them without modifying them as that is what they are designed to do. Drilling holes in the rack can effect it’s strength plus they are not cheap (hundreds of dollars for a pair) so I don’t want to permanently ruin my racks.

Hrm looking up “roof rack camera mount” in Google images search brings up lots of ideas.

I get your point about the wind forces. However, a cheap rack here in Sweden only costs $10-20.

What about RamMounts? Do they offer anything suitable for our purposes?

Hi, see picture below. I increased the length of the tripod with 20 cm compared to my initial attempt using some pipe. The magnet foot works well on the car roof and is strong enough to carry the 100g camera. Will depend on the magnet ofcourse, and always try on a safe place before entering public roads.

Example 360 picture (magnet with only the tripod, not yet enlarged with pipe): Mapillary

-magnet foot from old speaker: free,
-tripod from cheap Dutch store ‘Action’ for 2 euro
-20 cm pipe found in my garage
-two component epoxy glue was most expensive 10 euro.

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Closest thing I have found so far was this
and then modify it for a thread to mount the camera.

I am not going to use magnet bases, I have used them before (not camera related) and they scratch paint unless you are extremely careful or use a cotton sheet under them.

What about a bicyclemount (with a bicycleframe on it) on your roofrack and then you can mount the camera on the bicycleframe with a simple ram-mount.
It should be less obvious that you have a camera on the roof, because the bicycle gets the attention.

I have a wagon with permanent roof rails so I’m thinking of buying Manfrotto’s superclamp + magic arm with bracket. Together they will cost a bit more than my second-hand LG360 but should be sturdy and quick to setup/dismantle.


Also in My Frankenstien Windscreen Phone Mount topic @filipc sugested the Cullmann CC50 Multi clamp

I don’t have roof rack, so I use gopro suction cup with theta m15 (with custom part). So far I have not lost camera :smile:
Max speed tested only up to 100 km/h (no motorway yet)

Custom part can be removed from suction cup and put on backpack (sorry no photo, only shadow on And with replaced battery (small battery from inside replaced with bigger 18650 outside) I have 3 hours continuous use.


Ok, it is no 360 but an action cam.
This how I put it on my car roof, mostly on sundays for longer rides.

And also with a bit of tape for securing the screws, though it is not necessary.

I have been experimenting with my new Ricoh Theta SC mounted on my car roof with a Smatree Double Suction Mount:


The mount feels rock solid and has held on up to 45mph, I don’t fancy going any faster! My biggest problem is the Ricoh Theta SC only takes one photo every 7 seconds.

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