iTunes images download problem

Hi all
In the previous version of the iOS app, you can view each sequence folder and download and/or delete them individually, but in the current version, there folder mapillary could not be opened further in iTunes.

The result is, I can only download the entire mapillary folder. The problem with that is, I might be capturing images on consecutive days and on the first day, I download the mapillary folder to my laptop (for further processing) and then the next day, I’d capture more images but then when I tried to download the 2nd day images, it will also download the previous images, unless I delete the images from fist day first, which I don’t want to do until I’ve actually finished uploaded the images to mapillary from the laptop.

Is there a way to view the contents of mapillary folder on iTunes?

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Hi @laye,
I had the same problem however I could not view the content of Mapillary folder on iTunes. Thanks for reporting this issue here. Maybe @Anders may help us to solve this problem.

are you able to view it with 3rd party apps, like iMazing?
itunes file sharing is a pain anyway


iTunes in general sucks, and file sharing is horrible. Since the Mapillary app now uses the Mapillary SDK, we had to put sequences in a sub-folder so we wouldn’t pollute the client apps.

A possible solution, but no promise, would be to add a parameter in the SDK to specify the “output” folder, and then let the developer (in this case, me) decide where the sequences should go. I haven’t thought about any downsides regarding this though :slight_smile:

Anyway, I really think this is something Apple should fix—it’s such a basic feature.

HI @4004, you’e right. I cannot view sub-folders on other apps in iTunes either, however, like the DJI app that I use, they have multiple folders on the root level so you can simply download the folder that you desired, which is not the case with Mapilllary unfortunately.

I am having the same problem recently I have buy a MacBook and trying to install iTunes and it also showing me this error itunes unknown error 0xe80000a it is really annoying.