Delete some of images

Hi, I wish to delete some images or the whole sequence that I uploaded yesterday and can’t see how to do it. Using iphone x iOS 16.7.7 but prefer to do it on imac if possible.
Apologies if this is the most asked faq :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Hi @Nevw - here are the instructions for that.

I don’t see the image details icon on my iphone…
With a photo in the top half of the screen and a map showing green tracks on the bottom of screen, on the photo I only see a small black circle which appears to show which way the camera is pointing and an icon to maximise the image to the entire screen. If I maximise the image there are still only two icons.
At the top right of screen there are three dots but that on offers Share and Report image.
I tried uploading a 64kb .jpg image but that resulted in an error.
I have iphone Mapillary app version 5.10…2.240425

Yes, good point. I think this feature needs to be added to the iPhone app, for now you can do it on the web version of (either on a PC or through safari/chrome on your iPhone)

Thanks Boris. Have deleted the image sequence now.

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