Image resolution? mjpeg?

Hi. My action camera takes mjpegs at 2048 x 1920. That is, it writes out a sequence of jpeg images, each at that resolution. Would it be okay to upload those, like one every half second, along with a GPS track? I have had little luck with my Samsung Galaxy S4 because it chops off the top or bottom of many pictures. My Google Pixel seems unable to get a GPS fix when being operated horizontally, even on my bicycle with a clear view of most of the sky. So I’m desperate, but I don’t want to contribute crap … but maybe in this case crap is better than nothing?

Garmin Glo.

Have you tried to keep your fingers off the antenna ?

Yes. In both cases for both phones I’m using a mapillary bicycle mount, or a car windscreen suction mount.

I would say the resolution is fine. I have uploaded a lot of pictures in that resolution and have never had any complaints.

Regarding GPS reception, is it only the Mapillary app that will not get a fix or is it all apps? On my phone the Mapillary app is extremely picky regarding getting a fix. All other apps have great precision but Mapillary will hardly get a fix on a clear sky.

Yes, it’s only the Mapillary app. Ingress and OSMAnd always give me a fix, Mapillary rarely.

Can I get you to file a bug report on the acuracy on and refer to this thread. I don’t have the time to do it now :frowning:

Do not have to be precise. They can even snap to the road.
What do GPS tools tell ?

They do not snap to the road. Ingress will tell you when the precision of the fix is inadequate.