I am no longer able to map


This is your chance to catch up, be maybe at the top of the leaderboards.
I am without wheels, out of work as I was driving to make ends meet and no longer able to gather street level images.
I’m prayerful for some dort of vehicle.
I spent too much money time and miles mapping. Now I am pretty much house bound.


So no more receiving those zillions of “Your private Mapillary images are now available” and “Your Mapillary images are now published” messages. My phone beep is worn out…


FYI, these notifications can be turned off in your account settings:


(My last was in jest)

Yup, to be honest though I find it helpful. I control the upload on a remote PC hundreds of kilometres away (VPN SSH) so rather than poll it I look at the density of advice messages. Weird but true!