How to set up a team

Hi there,
first time user here - with a couple of questions:

#1: I am wondering whether team members receive any notice via mapillary once they are added to a team? Ostensibly they do not, which I find somewhat hard to believe…

#2: Will the team admin receice a notification once the other team members uploaded their images to mapillary?

#3: Is drawing a shape absolutely necessary to collect images by means of a team? Background: I do understand that usign a shape is extremely helpful for mapping new territory. But let’s take the example of, say, a regular street in a city which simply hasn’t been mapped before - it would stillt be necessary to draw a shape to use the team function, right?


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towards #3: AFAIK The boxes are used for fleets using the mapillary dashcams. The cams trigger and start recording. Something like geofencing, but not essentially for team members.
Unfortunatly the support for a open community / teaming is pretty limited (no planning routes, no display of planned routes within app, …) so I just print mapillary screenshots to paper and draw routes by pens …

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