How to get user info for eg. user id using api v4?

Hi! Does anyone know how to get the user info for eg. user_id using api v4?

I’ve been playing around with mapillary api v4 a bit and got access_token using Oauth authentication now i want to get the user info that access_token belongs to but unable to find any endpoint to call to get that data.

Does anyone know the endpoint to call to get the user data?

looking at this link mapillary_tools/ at b19af6e1497ed35b23b5b92696cdc69f347185b4 · mapillary/mapillary_tools · GitHub is there similar way to get user_id in Oauth flow too?

The user id is not available through the v4 API, but workarounds exist. See [bugreport] Image author info unavailable in the new API

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The workaround is quite hacky, as detailed here: