How to find pictures which I commented (some time ago)?

How do I find the pictures (from myself or other users) where I made a comment? So I can see I someone replied on my comment?

As a related follow up question, how to contact a specific user, if he/she is not using this forum? For now I thought when making a comment is the only way to make contact? (But yes, now I forgot which picture I made the comment.)

Any plans to update the ‘community’ communication approach so 1 on 1 questions maybe possible more easily? A forum is a 1:many approach thus not always suitable.

Hi @micmin1972 - you are right that currently the way to make contact is through commenting on someone’s photo. You can’t see a list of all the comments you made on your profile for now, but by default you should have notifications turned on for when someone comments on a thread (photo) that you have commented on. Therefore you would know when you get a reply. As for plans - yes, we are discussing adding opportunities for more communication among our members. Thanks for your input! This shows that it is indeed an important feature to discuss.