How to delete (or hide) image(s) on new site?

I cannot find any way to do it now. Is it possible at all?

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I can’t either. I guess the feature has been removed. :confused:

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That’s bad decision. I have several photos like this one which were accidentally uploaded. What am I supposed to do with those now?

Indeed. However there API still describes how to delete images from there API

So it’s not all gone - just not implemented.

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@sulfo and @older - apologies for not commenting on this earlier! We are definitely having the delete function, it’s in the works and we hope to get it out soon. Have to connect all the new frontend and backend dots together first. =)

It looks like the delete function is back. I deleted some of my images (start of sequence where I’m setting up my camera) and submitted one changeset. Let’s see when it gets approved.