Hide photos or sequences, will Mapillary use them internally?


I have been doing some walking around on unmapped areas on late evenings with not enough light for great pictures but decided to upload them anyways (After deleting the worst ones), if I myself or anyone else gets better sequnces of the same area sometime I might decide to hide pictures / sequences but my question is.

Will Mapillary use those hidden images in the background for the mapping wizardy? Pointcloud, connections and all that?
If so I will certanly be more inclined in hiding lesser good images in favor of better ones but if not it would not be that good of an idea to hide them I think.

Will hidden images/sequnces still be acounted for in my total amount of uploaded pictures? I like stats and seeing my name on the toplists is always fun :smile:


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@mojmoj, directly quoting our computer vision engineer @pau, “we don’t use hidden images, but we don’t forget all we knew from them before the were hidden”, e.g. if they helped position other images then this information won’t be lost. And the total count should still include your hidden images as well.

Okay that is good to know, thank you for your answer @katrin

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@BenjamineDupont is a spam bot !

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Thanks, this is good to know.