GPX Map Matching

Anyone knows a way to map match gpx?
I’m using phone gps and in forest there is a little drift.


There should be a map matching algorythm, the map looks awful in places where there are few segments from different users. You can’t really see what is what.
In my opinion, all segments should be map matched and only the latest, according to the date of the picture, should be visible on map.
Please fix it guys as I will take is a lot of pictures soon!

You can’t just match photos to a road on the map, because:

  1. Not all roads and paths are mapped. If you walk/cycle/drive on a path that is not on the map, but that is close/parallel to a road that is on the map, the photos would end up on the wrong road.
  2. Roads change. If the map has not been updated yet, the photos would be placed on the old location of the road.
  3. Many roads on the map are in the wrong location. Many roads have been imported from low quality sources, or drawn using satellite imagery that has a bad offset. You don’t want photos matched to those roads.
  4. Putting all traces on the road will put multiple traces on top of each other, making it difficult to find individual traces/photos.

You don’t want only the latest photos, because:

  1. The latest photo may not be the highest quality.
  2. Distance between photos might be filled with older photos.
  3. Photos during different conditions are all valuable, for example day and night photos, or summer/autumn/winter/spring photos.
  4. There may be temporarily changed situation. In this case an older photo may actually be more correct.
  5. Photos can be taken in many directions, forwards is not always the most interesting view.