FR: 'snap to road' option in the mapillary webapp

The “Color images by capture date” is nice, but the problem is that in many cases it should snap to a road segment (if it’s nearby enough).
The reason why i’m suggesting this is because often, an orange or red line, might go on top of a green line.
Like in this example:

The main street going from right top to left bottom, actually has recent (green) imagery. but the orange/red make it hard to see

DON’T CHANGE THE FEATURE, it’s still useful to have colored lines without it snapping to the road. But make ‘snap to road’ a separate checkbox.

Easiest fix would be to make sure the webpage draws the newer traces over the older ones (either via drawing order or z-ordering), because, yes, green traces currently often get hidden behind orange/red ones, making it look like a road needs resurveying when it doesn’t.

That would be a good quick fix, but there’s still many cases where gps coordinates might have been off and cause the same street to have different lines.

But yeah, this seems like not that much work, but with a pretty big benefit