Galaxy S7 - bad GPS?


I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 since some days now and tried to capture some sequences. But it always stops recording after some seconds because of ‘bad GPS fix’. I also had that with my old LG sometimes, but it started working again after a moment. My new phone doesn’t. Do you have any tips how I can improve my GPS accuracy of the phone?


general spoken: do use ONLY gps and NOT google mobile service for a test.
For me google services did made it really worse.
Also wait 1 min on start to get a good GPS fix, and in some areas you just won’t get a good fix, e.g. city canyons.


Thank you, but how can I disable that Google service?

На моём Samsung Galaxy S3 (gt i9300) та же проблема. Никакие изменения настроек не помогли сделать качественный захват через приложение, тем не менее обычные gps-треки смартфон пишет великолепно. Даже если телефон готов снимать и съёмка идёт/завершилась, после отправки на сервер такой последовательности карта не показывает зелёной прорисовки маршрута.
На Asus Nexus 7 та же проблема.
На HTC One S и GT-N5100 приложение работает великолепно.
Может быть я даю лишние сведения и не в тот топик, но это лучше молчанки.

Newer versions refuse to start if no/poor GPS signal or restart once GPS signal is good.

I use version 3.27 which will take images when GPS signal becomes good even if you cold start a sequence with no GPS signal at all.

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I think theres an issue with the latest firmware or gps firmware of the s7. Before it was ok but after updating i am also facing spotty gps reception.

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