Feed for notifications about new tracks also in desktop browser?

when browsing to mapillary.com and being logged-in there, I can define different notifications for my profile.

Among them are “Area Notifications” where I can subscribe to recently uploaded tracks and images by other users, limited to administrative areas I am interested in.

But AFAIK the only place to consume these area notifications is inside the mapillary app on my device. Correct?

I would really appreciate when a mapillary user can get this feed about new tracks in his area of interest also in a browser on a desktop PC.
Because then I can choose early any tracks where I am eager to do some OSM mapping with.

What do you think?

Hi @xerst,

Thanks for bringing this up. It is on our roadmap to give you this possibility. But you are right at the moment you can not see the notifications in the browser.

Best Johan

Ohh, it seems that in the last few weeks you have integrated the browser based notifications.

When loggin in viua a web browser, go to your user profile -> Activity …

there I can see now the new sequences for my choosen areas.

Thanks alot to the Mapillary Team!