Feature Request

Why Mapillary doesn’t support GPS coordinates in map search bar? Please add this Feature
For example i want to search the coordinates 50.2458448,35.5133817 but its not working. The Sidebar doesnt react.

Dear Boris ,

May I offer a solution? when one types www mapillary com / app , the address bar shows https:// www . mapillary . com / app /? lat=20 & lng=0 & z=1.5 : one can copy/paste the coordinates there …
not entirely sure where I’ve landed , though - believe in the south-eastern part of Ukraine? https:// www . mapillary . com /app/? lat=50.2458448 & lng=35.5133817 & z=12.

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for 'with friendly greeting),

PS to Mapillary : it would perhaps be nice if there were an option for the actual URL to be shown and it to be clickable, rather than either non-descript Mapillary in green or the spaced-out URL used here, please?

Thank you, unfortunately there are no photos or something, but thank you :slight_smile: