[feature request] allow GPS coordinates in map search bar

I’m very intrigued for some time seeing that - contrary to almost all maps in the world - Mapillary doesn’t support GPS coordinates in map search bar.

For example; I just visited a website that indicates me GPS coords for a kayak boarding spot, and I’d like to copy/paste those coords (46.28295,7.88042 in this precise case) to Mapillary map and see whether there are some photos or not.

I don’t think this should be difficult to implement; you can reproduce openstreetmap search function, or google maps one.



Hi @brunoduye,

This is definitely good feature feedback. I will share this with the product team. Unfortunately, Mapillary is not able to do it at the moment. There is a way around to browse the precise position by modifying the URL.


Nice idea and should be fairly easy to implement

Hi Mapillary team.
Still nothing for this request ? I’m sure I’m not the only one that needs this !