Driving two lane roads in reverse

My problem with the program is that when I’m on a two lane road I can move forward manually just fine. But if I have the program do it it puts me driving in reverse. I’m still pointing east but I’m going west.

I forgot to mention I’m running the app on a IPad 9th gen and iPadOS 16.3. I haven’t tested it out yet with the website version.

do you have a link to the sequence?

It’s on the Clark Duncan Highway in Georgia running east from Cusseta Georgia to Buena Vista, Georgia. It’s state highway 26. Seems like there’s multiple (3 in fact) Tracks just for a two lane country road. You can be pointing east and manually press on the directional arrow to make the display move east. But the very second you try to have it run you you east you’re pointing east towards Buena Vista but moving west towards Cusseta. It’s like test driving a used car and it’s In drive. But every time you press the gas it lurches backwards. Would be a nice feature for the program to remember the last direction you moved in manually down a track and move you by default in the same direction when you had the program itself move you.

Both of the photos are pointing east. When I press on the ^ I keep going east. But the second I click on the playback button I’m still pointing east but driving backwards.

Just in case you’re still wondering about this…

The ˄ and ˅ arrows move you in that direction, but the :arrow_forward: button steps through the photos in the order they were taken.

So if you’re looking backwards from a vehicle, then yes, pressing play will show the view receding into the distance, rather than coming closer.

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