Can anyone confirm web UI sequence reverse play control not working?

Hey folks,

While eagerly awaiting the release of recently uploaded sequences, I have identified a web interface issue I would like to confirm before submitting a bug report to the email address.

My wife and I have started a project, Veloped’lin Colorado, as a part of my physical therapy rehab from a devastating spinal cord injury. The goal of our project is to encourage other mobility-challenged folks to get out and enjoy the beautiful trails in our state. To do our Trail Reports, I’ve repurposed one of my trekking poles to mount a GoPro MAX to my Trionic Veloped – it’s kind of a “mountain bike” for walkers.

So far our walks are short and flat at the Metzger Farm Open Space near our home in Broomfield. As part of our project publication on Medium, I’ve made a couple of YouTube video tutorials about how to virtually navigate 360-degree Mapillary sequences. In the first video,, I show how you can “walk” forward and back along a time-lapse sequence while looking all around. To do that, as shown in the video, you click the center “play” widget in the upper-center control widget-bar and the sequence plays forward by default. When you click the play button again, the playback stops and the right-pointing triangle turns to a “pause/stop” square icon. If you then click the left-pointing arrowhead icon in the widget-bar icons, you take a step backwards…

When it was working as shown in my video tutorial, this click also turned the center play widget icon into a left-pointing triangle. When you then clicked on it to play the sequence, you started running through the sequence in reverse. This capability is pretty awesome on 360-degree sequences as you can view a sequence in either direction with only one set of images to cover a trail. (We, for example, provide a link to the first and last images in a sequence as part our Trail Report Profiles so folks can view them in either direction.)

ISSUE: For the last week or two, however, I have not been able to get sequence playback to run in reverse on any of our Trail Report sequences. This feature is broken for me on any computer, browser, or tablet device that I try it on. I have also confirmed that other people’s contributed sequences cannot be played in reverse regardless of whether they are 360-degree or not.

If anyone can try this out and conform the issue by reply here, I can point to this topic to assist the Mapillary folks to confirm and fix this bug.

Thanks for any help you can provide,

Hi again @eneerhut, thanks for posting a pinned note about the delay in image processing. ITMT, I hope you might have a few moments to read and consider this issue. It appears that the upper center widget bar in the web view has a recently surfaced bug that has disabled the play-in-reverse feature of sequence navigation.

This feature is super handy for sequences that are shot in 360-degree time-lapse mode. In the post above I link to a YouTube tutorial I did for our Veloped’lin Colorado project that shows how it was working before the recent change in behavior.

Thanks for taking a look into this.