Distance or time based capture option gone?

There used to be an option (on both iOS and Android) version of the apps to adjust the distance and time-based capture in the Settings but I noticed in the recent versions of the apps that the option is not there anymore.

Has it moved to somewhere else on the app or was it removed? If it was removed, what’s the logic beind it?

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Where have you been ?
Since the takeover by Facebook we are treated as stupid.
Almost every feature has been deleted.
It is not even possible any more to take a decent picture.

But the User Interface is great.

Hi @laye and @filipc

A couple things to share here:

  1. Capture distance/time has been automated (rather than being set manually) and now uses the sensors available on your phone to take images at times that should most help the Mapillary/OSM community. For example, the app can detect how fast you’re travelling and adjust capture frequency based on this, or know when you’re turning a corner and take additional photos then.

  2. If you want to take additional photos manually you can always do this by enabling the “allow manual capture” setting which will show a button you can use to take additional photos

  3. If you have a specialized use case you can of course upload any geotagged photos or videos you take with any camera or app through the desktop uploader (would love to learn more about your specialized use case)

Overall, this should help to increase the density of coverage (which also helps object detection, structure from motion, etc), make it possible to see more imagery for OSM editing, and remove the need to remember/adjust capture settings when you are driving at different speeds.

Always open to your feedback and thoughts,

  • Boris

I use a GoPro Max and the Mapillary uploader.
It would be useful to implement the minimum distance also on the uploader version 4.3.0 so that you can avoid uploading ‘a lump of photos’ if you have to stop.
NB: I use the settings recommended by the Belgian group that rewarded me for my efforts in Italy, i.e. single spherical photos every 2 seconds.
Here is the link to the project:

Hi canfe, this is a good point - the images should actually be skipped, and it is a bug that they are not. We have this on our backlog and will work to implement it. (Mapillary link for reference)

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