iOS: Mapillary for iOS 5.8.2 is out

  • New settings screen with new design and functionality (aka Settings 2.0)

  • Added manual capture (needs to be enabled in Settings)

  • Added adaptive capture based on GPS reported speed. If you are going faster than 50 km/h (30 mph), capture distance is increased from 3 meters (1 feet) to 20 meters (21 yards) and image quality is decreased from 60% to 40%

  • Added support for screen dimming (can be enabled in Settings). This feature saves both energy and also helps with overheating when capturing over extensive periods of time.

  • New design of alerts

  • Fixed bug where the first image of a sequence could get an invalid location (lat 0, long 0)

  • Fixed bug where the camera and org selection in camera would not fit on smaller screens (iPhone SE)

  • Added functionality to report a user from their profile