Desktop uploader self-starting script

  • Is there a script, way to automate the process …

  • After manual preparing the uploader (log in, select folder ect) can it be set that is starts/run @ a select time (like after midnight, less traffic and 50% reduction on traffic amount)
    and when first pass (making the logs) is done goes to the upload phase, now it stops waiting for the click to upload.

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I’d like to support this request.

The command line uploader is ideal for automating uploads. I have this setp up as an alias under Linux:

alias MAPILLARY_UPLOAD='mapillary_tools process_and_upload --advanced --import_path . --user_name <USERNAME> --interpolate_directions --verbose --cutoff_distance 200 --cutoff_time 10 --duplicate_distance 0.5 --duplicate_angle 10'

Then all I do is change to the parent directory of the images and type MAPILLARY_UPLOAD and it automatically adds the compass direction to the photos (I capture with a GoPro that has a GPS but no compass/magnetometer) and uploads. This will automatically traverse directories below the current directory and doesn’t require entering a password after the first time it has been run.

On Linux cron could be used to automatically upload at a set time.

Thank this will help linux users.
I am working with windows 10 … and not experience with programming language en command lines. The info on help page is overwhelmed for newbies.

Hey Jakka,
I can help you set things up if you like. I use the command line on windows. You can always re-use the same command, so it’s hard the first time, and then afterwards it’s just copy-paste

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