Cross-woven sequences in Hoboken, NJ

This September, someone uploaded a batch of 360 imagery to Hoboken, NJ. The imagery itself is quite good, but almost all of the sequences are woven together. It makes viewing the map in the area really laggy.


I wonder if it was multiple street cars capturing at the same time and uploaded by the same user?

Doesn’t seem like it. For example, this “sequence” is composed of 3 different segments:

You can use the next image button to see all three locations. In the first and third images in the sequence, the sun is to the southwest, while in the second image the sun is to the southeast. (The compass doesn’t seem to be calibrated correctly; this is another problem.)

It’s really hard to tell if the images were captured at the same time since they’re all marked with times at midnight. Most of the sequences are marked with 00:00 and the latest I could find was 00:26 (in my history somewhere, couldn’t find the link).

I also don’t think it’s likely that they are captured at the same time. I’ve found most of these woven segments are with one long section (100s of images) with another shorter section (10s of images) inserted in at regular intervals.

There’s also been similar issues with their latest batch in Atikokan, ON:

And earlier batches in Chatam, ON:

In Rye, NH:

In southeastern Ontario:

What do we do about this?