Cropped 16:9 images are only approx. 120degrees : show as 360

Dear oh dear,

Have set the GoPro Hero9 black on the handlebars to the widest possible view, which includes rather a lot of sky and ground; have also aimed the camera a couple of degrees down, so that the road ahead will be in the exposure sweet-spot; especially the brake cables and my shadow when cycling with the sun somewhere behind me are of no real value, hence crop 5184×3888 pixel pics to loose 648 pixels along the bottom, and 324pixels along the top, thus the horizon is quite perfectly in the middle.

Somehow Mapillary’s AI spotted this, now represents all my pics as 360 degree - which they are not.

Also there’s no way to instruct to set direction taken to ‘wherever the next pic is’.

It must be galling for the Mapillary team to find that somewhere someone in the overtaking company sets aims which -based on years of experience- you know are not going to work.

All the best, met vriendelijke groet,