Wrong camera lens angle

I shot 3 videos in Max SuperView with my GoPro Max and uploaded it to Mapillary that converts it into pictures. The pictures of the first video are displayed in the very wide-angle way, but after in the second and third videos, pictures are displayed as being taken on a regular camera. I can clearly see it in two ways : When zooming out completely, the sort-of compass in the bottom right corner is wide, almost a semi-circle in the first video, but it’s less than 45° in the two other ones ; Still, when zooming out completely, the two other ones pictures are displayed on a flat surface, whereas I can pan in the first video.

Do you have a link for us to look at? Thanks so much!

Sorry it seems like this was only due to the images that haven’t been already processed, they’re good now, sorry about that

Hey, I’m having this issue again, but this time the images have been fully processed, unlike the case I was reporting before
Here is an image, for example : 278887387912043
I don’t know if this is related or not, when I was shooting the videos from my GoPro for Mapillary, I shot two videos : One with the “Linear” lens preset, and one with the “Max SuperView” lens preset, but both have been processed by Mapillary as being linear. When I uploaded them to Mapillary (GUI), I uploaded them both at the same time, so maybe the issue comes from here, even though these are 2 fully separate videos
Here is an image that have been captured with the “Linear” lens preset and processed as it should : 837427181395144

So this is the image right? Mapillary

It seems to be displayed OK for me. What is the problem exactly?

Like the original post, Mapillary thinks that this is an image taken with a regular lens, even though it is a wide one that has been used. For reference, here is how it should be displayed : Mapillary (you can see the difference between the two when panning, and with the sort of compass in the lower right : on the good image, it is very wide, but Mapillary it is way narrower, like a regular image)

Gotcha - do you happen to have links to the originals in Google Drive or somewhere we can see? cc: @tao

Sure, here they are : Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. (the one image that is in SuperView but has been badly processed in Mapillary is in the Max SuperView (05min, 53sec) video, at 05min and 53seconds

It’s likely to the lens was incorrectly calculated or the image incorrectly presented. Thanks for the samples. I’ll file a task for the team.

Hello, do you have any updates on this? It still appears, even with photos that weren’t extracted from videos (like 789355119498458, where you can see that Mapillary displays it as being a different lens than 918335785904010 even though they have been taken with the same Field of View/Lens)

No update yet, but this is on our backlog. Thank you for your patience! It looks like you are shooting with a GoPro Max 360. Have you considered mounting on top of your car? (with something like the fat gecko mount) 360 imagery is very useful (especially from folks that already have 360 cameras)

Yes I considered it, but I realized that mounting it on the roof of a car would produce imagery with like half of it being just the top of the car, way worse that Street View per example, who mounts their camera higher up, capturing less of the car top and more of the road itself. Would it be still better to mount it on top you think? And what mounts do you possibly recommend?

Yes, I think mounting it on top of a car would still be better. We’ve tested the fat gecko triple mount with good results (you’ll also need a gopro mount adapter which is under $10 generally. I also agree that mounting it higher is better when possible. The GoPro Max is very light, so you could probably also add a selfie stick (like an insta360 one, here’s a similar style) on top of the gecko mount and raise it up a meter or so. Let us know if you give it a shot!

Ah, thanks a lot, 100€ really is quite a lot for something crowdsourced, that could be compared to volunteer work. I’ll try to find a cheaper alternative for that, thanks still!
Just something else: A while ago, you told me that it’s better to shoot video instead of 0.5s timelapse photos when putting the GoPro under the windshield, but will this still be the case for shooting 360° on the roof of the car?

Cool, perhaps you might be able to find it for less than 100 on ebay or facebook marketplace? Or let us know if you find another mount you like.

For shooting mode, yes, that’s right - the shooting mode basically corresponds to the speed that you travel. Our recommended settings for the GoPro Max are at https://help.mapillary.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012674619-GoPro-MAX