Best lens mode for GoPro Max

Idk what to use as a lens when putting my GoPro Max to film under my windshield: Setting it to a wider lens (like Max SuperView) will be show more things on the sides, but there’ll be less pixels per degree, meaning that things further away won’t be recognizable. So, what lens setting would be optimal ?

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The widest setting you can get is probably the best one for most applications, so Max SuperView sounds good. Of course it would be significantly better to use the full 360 degree capabilities of the GoPro Max by mounting it on top of your car using something like the Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount

For driving you probably want to use video mode as opposed to photo or timelapse as described in the help center.

Cheers and happy capturing!

  • Boris

I see, thanks. I do feel like though that the quality lost in Max SuperView outweighs the increase in FoV.
One other thing I wanted to mention: Like the Max SuperView degrades the quality, I feel like shooting a video instead of photo degrades even further the quality
Take this “picture” for example : Mapillary . Look at the blue arrow sign. It’s a real blob of pixel, really hard to tell what sign this is, even though it’s only 35 meters away !
So, is video really better than even an 0.5 seconds photo timelapse? I know I may be a bit annoying on this, but I do feel like so so much quality is lost, which would make the pictures not that useful for Mapillary

It depends on your speed essentially - photos work well if you are walking or maybe biking slowly. With driving the distance between the photos becomes too large, so even though the quality is slightly higher its outweighed by the fact that the thing you want to see might not be captured at all because it fell in the 2 second gap between photos.

I see, thanks a lot, I’ll stick with the video shoots then, thanks :slight_smile:

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