"360 photos every 0.5 seconds is too sparse for driving"?

Here ( https://help.mapillary.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012674619-GoPro-MAX ), it says that GoPro Max 0.5 time lapse video is too sparse for driving, but is it really ?? I personally shoot every second, with only front facing camera and I find it already good enough, so it is really that useful to shoot video instead of 0.5 seconds-interval photos ?

most interesting things are located on the right.

Except in countries where people drive on the left. For images ever 3m you need 1 frame per second per 10km/hr (6mi/hr)

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Also a function of Internet upload cost, that varies by country and transport method. This drove my choice 2 vs 5 FPS.

I’ve found 1 sec sufficient for city driving.
Video takes up more space and has lower bandwidth

depends on the codec, h265 is 1/8th the size of h264

By the way when using video, is. 360, the file extension for 360 videos with GoPro, the only file system that supports geo info ? I’d like to record non 360 videos as well, but I’m not sure that Mapillary supports it without a phone recording geo info alongside

Exiftool can extract something like 60 different GPS storage methods in various files

But I will need to have something more than just the GoPro, right ?

As long as you are using a GoPro Max with GPS turned on in camera settings Mapillary will be able to process your video or imagery, you don’t need anything else.

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