TimeLapse car mounted 360 cameras

I recently tried a Kodak Orbit360 camera for StreeView like photos, using TimeLapse.
For my needs I require a distance interval shorter than 10 meters, but since speed cannot be faster than 20km/h at 2s interval, it becomes a problem for long distances (100km or more).
¿Is there any non expensive 360 camera with 360 photo timelapse of 1s or less?
I know this can be achieved recording video, but besides being a more complex process, picture quality is reduced.
Thanks in advance!

0.5 sec per photo time lapse is also not fast enough for 100 kph to get good distance between shots. But if that would meet your needs the GoPro max does do time lapse that fast. I’ve been trying to find a better solution for what I want to do with no luck, the ladybug 5+ of course would be my best choice but 20x the price plus gps and imu not included.

I take 360 video on a insta360 One X2 with a 1TB disk of my cycle rides ( of course not 100kph) but I extract 1 frame with a 29 frames gap to the next extraction, The extraction gap could be increased for your speed but my challenge has always been gps alignment with the frame, I’ve tried phone gps, garmin fenix 6 gps, insta360 remote gps (embedded in the video data and extracted out) but I’ve noticed sometimes that gps data jitters and the images jump sometimes forwards or backwards when ‘played’ in mapillary.

My process is pretty basic I know - and as you say could get quite complex I guess, when I looked at the gps data it appeared that in both garmin and insta360 remote the gps data was written in bursts so I don’t know if this is why some of my images end up jittering… But my process is I’m using exiftool to write a date/time (based upon my start video + timeshift to frame extraction selection) into the image and then exiftool to match up the location to the gps data in the extracted gpx file.

Maybe better telemetry data recording for time, speed and direction would be the answer ? The streetview guys do it pretty good :slight_smile:

This is some of my recent extraction, which doesn’t take long to see the backward/forward issue:

@JKingsleyA What software do you use to split the your 360 video into pictures ?

I’m using Adobe media encoder on a mac only because I use it for other projects. ffmpeg should be able to extract the frames…

I’ve just noticed that @trekview has done some nice write ups on using ffmpeg to extract the frames from his video here: Turning a 360 Video into Timelapse Images (Part 1/2) | Trek View

Thanks, I’ve been looking at 360 cameras and the Insta360 One X2 came more or less at the top of the list as an ‘all rounder’, then I wondered if it would with Mapillary, I’ve just remembered I have VirtualDub and I guess that’ll work as well at extracting 360 photos from 360 video. Is the 360 video from the One X just a normal MPG/AVI?

Have you come across Geosetter for adding GPX data to JPG’s.

@myozone - Yeah the video is mpg4 equirectangular format and readable via just about everything. Adobe Premier, GoPro etc when using the Insta360 GPS remote the gpx data gets written into the file marked _00.insv , which can be extracted via exiftool

@TrevorSask - Do you know if the GoPro Max does time-lapse photo in 360 mode or just Hero Mode? I can’t seem to find this documented anywhere. If so , can you do it at 0.5 second interval? Thanks!

it does TimeLapse photo / video in 360 too.

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Yes it does time-lapse and Video as @Kartmann also noted. here is a sample of my time lapse with 2 second (fastest) frames / second.
Testing my GoPro on Truck Mount

I found an article this weekend that talks about GPS in Video from different 360 camera’s but I’m still yet to find an easy to use way to extract Video into pictures based on distance traveled. I did buy an expensive software to extract my gopro video, but it was poorly supported and I’m sad I didn’t just purchase a better camera.

In my experience, you cannot rely on GPS-sync for a whole video-to-frames file.
You must sync frames in groups using known points on the ground, where time and GPS position is consistent from a given start and end point.

Thanks @TrevorSask . The GoPro Fusion did 0.5 second intervals for 360 time-lapse photo which was better for fast moving vehicles. I am deciding whether to buy the GoPro Max or an Insta360 for a fast moving vehicle capture.

@TrevorSask just to expand on my comment. I use TimeWarp when I bike around collecting 360 footage. The workflow from getting the .360 files into usable .jpgs is pretty long. This is what I do:

My current workflow is a mess. I useGoThru Street Builder to extract all the frames from the .mp4. It can also select frames with distance interval. I’ve set it to select a frame every 3 meters. Then I have to use a EXIF editing software called MetaImage to change the dateTimeOriginal of the .jpg frames to the original date of the .360 file. Lastly I use HoudahGeo to import a .gpx file extracted from the .360 file with GoPro Telemetry Extractor. That software can match photos with a .gpx track by comparing the date and time. When all these steps are done I use Apple Automator to add a Nadir to cover myself in the photos, since I am using a head mount for my GoPro while biking.

Great problem solving there it seems. Can some/all of those steps be done using EXIF tools? I wonder if the workflow would be less messy if all scripted. :thinking: Or perhaps you’ve tried that?

I’m thinking the same, so I’m looking into it. What’s holding me back though, is my lack of experience programming scripts. I’m quite the newby there.

Most of the work can be done with EXIF tools.

  1. Extract frames from video, there are plenty of tools: VLC, Free video to JPEG…
  2. Set initial time on all JPG frames (exif tools)
    exiftool.exe -datetimeoriginal=“2021:07:18 12:48:04” -overwrite_original -globaltimeshift “+0:0:0 0:0:1” D:\Info360\frames\frames*.jpg
    3)Increment time with Batch script: 1 second or more, you can use EXIF tag, less than 1s, XMP Tag must be used
  3. Sync Frames with GPX data (GUI only, reads EXIF tag, so you must use command line
    exiftool.exe -overwrite_original -geotag D:\Info360\frames\frames\file.gpx “-geotime<${XMP:DateTimeOriginal}-06:00” D:\Info360\frames\output\

I Have to add -06:00 to adjust TimeZone

I made this batch, for 1s increment on each frame:
@echo on
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
set outputDirectory=D:\Info360\frames\framest
rem Path to exiftool binary.
set exiftoolBin=D:\Info360\exiftoolgui\exiftool.exe
set fileNumber=0
set subtime=0
echo Setting timestamp offsets.
for %%f in ("%outputDirectory%*.jpg") do (
%exiftoolBin% -P -m -overwrite_original “-XMP:DateTimeOriginal+=0:0:0 0:0:!subtime!” “%%f”
set /a “!subtime!=!subtime!+1”
echo !subtime!
echo Done!

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I tried to learn EXIF tools, is there any chance it will become a non-code system?
I’ve uploaded 2sec time lapse along highways (50 meters apart ). just need to extract assets to see if it works.