Correcting geolocations and directions before uploading


I’m new in this forum and my English is not the best - maybe this topic already exists, but I didn’t find the right search terms. Then just send me the link to the right thread, please.

If you have uploaded a long tour with bad GPS, then it’s often difficult to correct it, because you have to correct it picture by picture. You even can’t begin editing, save the intermediate result and continue in another session if the intermediate result is not confirmed - and if it’s confirmed, a confirmation of the second session often takes very long (or even doesn’t happen).

That’s why I ask for a software with that i can correct geopositions and directions before uploading - with similar (or better) features compared to the online editor.

Great would also be things like marking more than one point, correcting buckled GPS sections by linear interpolation, the possibility for extreme zooming out of sphere panoramas for finding landmarks around you, …

Does someone know a software that can do it? It needn’d be freeware and it also can be an extension/addon/plugin to QGIS or ArcGIS. (Or does JOSM plugin do it? The in the moment suggested similar thread is from 2015.)

Yours sincerely

Is it just positional lat/long data that needs correcting, not compass values?
I’m afraid I don’t know of many options that would take out the manual part. You’ve rightfully noted josm as an option