Cork Derelict Site project

Hi guys,
My name is Matthew and I’m a postgrad at UCC in the Planning and Sustainable Development course, I’ve just signed up for Mapillary today. I have been researching photo mapping programmes for a project we are looking to undertake in Cork. We would like to create a public accessible map for people to take pictures of derelict sites around their community so that it may speak out for how bad the council needs to address this problem. Would this project be possible through mapillary? I’m not exactly sure how the community works, but it sounds like it may be possible. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for this.

Thank you,
Matthew Cox

Hi @mattdvdsoncox,

Welcome to the community. What you described is definitely possible with Mapillary. It’s really easy for anyone to contribute geotagged photos using our apps or with action cameras. If you wanted to keep track of the project, you might want to contribute under one account so you can easily view all contributions.

At the end of the project Mapillary JS and or our API will be really useful to help you to highlight the derelict sites.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.