Contour 2+ - Tips and Tricks

Newbie here, but I thought I should write up a few points on what I have found using a contour 2+ camera.

You can see some of my setup in this thread - Experience with mounting a camera outside a car

Having now done a couple of runs with the device I have found the following:-

  • GPS enabled so easy for uploading files etc
  • I get about 15 minutes out of a battery when using Bluetooth back to an iPad Air 2 for controlling the device
  • You cant have the device connected to power and still use it! This is a real drawback as I have installed a USB connector under the bonnet to try and run the device full time. BIG FAIL!
  • If the battery goes flat before you stop the video then you get nothing but a corrupted file!
  • Despite the iPad app showing I have a full battery it regularly just stops recording and hence I lose the past data that I captured
  • I will try a few runs not controlling the device via an app to see if I can get longer videos (minus bluetooth requirement) however this is less than desirable.

At least all this experimenting is helping me decide what I should look for in my next camera.

Cheers - Phil

Appears I should be able to run from USB using 'official USB cord", which I have, so some more testing required

A few extra runs today and using the USB connection under the hood and the correct cable I can now run the camera full time. Generally I try and stop/start the video about every 20 minutes anyway to get reasonable size files for uploading (less than 2Gb)