IOS and Garmin Virb XE

I have just scored myself a Garmin Virb XE and been on a quick road run to grab some images. I have a couple of questions as this is the first time I have used the app as part of the capture process.

  1. Am I meant to be able to see the live feed from the camera in the bottom left of screen? I just get an orange box?
  2. Is there any way to see more of the map whilst capturing (any zoom settings)? This would help me identify roads not mapped a bit further in advance

I have to say I love the possibility of multiple VIRB’s and just a single controller. Anyone in Aus wanting to sell their VIRB XE?

Cheers - Phil

I am not quite sure, but as I understand the VIRB units can be linked and synced, so controlling one will do. I have not experimented much with it, my VIRB Elite have an auto-setting that just works out of the box (for me), while my VIRB XE need an activation from the iOS app before working the rest of the session.

My XE gove me live feed in the app, but it drains battery to have it active.

Many thanks - power wont be an issue as I have a fixed usb cable to it whilst capturing images. It just seemed a little strange to me that there was no live feed although I am capturing images not video.

My Elite drained battery faster than the USB was able to charge when having Wi-Fi active, the XE seemed to handle that much better.

Thanks for that. I will keep a keen eye on the charge state and maybe upgrade my USB to a 2amp unit.

My life is much better now I use a charger :

Interesting - I did notice a couple of times I got a low power or no power warning but things kept running. Could it also be why some of my sequences suddenly go light or dark?

AS usual I see Garmin (and Aussie pricing) has a suitable cable for an exorbitant price!

Trouble is if I get more Virbs I need more than one USB so would much prefer to use the standard cable they come with in the original packaging and an updated USB port permanently wired under my vehicle bonnet.