CompleteTheMap VI

Hi everyone,

The first CompleteTheMap of 2020 is taking place between February and March and now is the time to register your interest to participate.

Take a look at the leaderboard here.

We’ve simplified the ease of participation this time. Once you’ve registered, all you need to do is capture images during the challenge dates. The kms you cover will then be appear on the CTM VI leaderboard.

Start date: February 14th, 2020 at 00:00:00 UTC.
End date: March 15th, 2020 at 23:59:59 UTC.


  • Blackvue DR900M dashcam with a 128GB SD card.
  • $100 USD camera/electronics store gift card. Store of your choice.
  • $50 USD camera/electronics store gift card. Store of your choice.

Looking forward to see which regions are most active this year.

Happy mapping.

Scoring is only based upon covered new kilometers? Last time you had a promising scoring system (including image quality etc)?

Yeah, way to promote driving.

You know what would be fair? Minutes spent collecting unique kms. So only count the first pass of a road, find out how long it took by the timestamps of the photos, and see how much effort really went into it.

It’s a good question. The reason was to simplify scoring so that people would be able to work out where their score came from more easily.

But…the challenge doesn’t launch for two weeks. Let’s take this opportunity to get feedback on what kind of scoring system people prefer. For reference, here is the one we used in CTM V. We can review and see what we can reasonably implement in the time we have.

@pkoby we won’t be able to code time in just yet, but something to consider for the future. Drivers definitely have an advantage in this scoring system, no doubt about that.

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Exactly, linked that same story earlier and I like to be consistent, so I am all for the direction you chose at CTM V !

I think a lot folks, at least the ones speaking up value new roads mapped.

Personally, I’d rather see the value be on freshness before never previously mapped. If something hasn’t been mapped for a year or three, it’s time to do it again. Things change.


Yes and no…
example: when a road is under construction, a lot can change in a few months!
I’dd opt for a bonus system:

Basis: 1 image = 1 point
Updated since 3 months: 1 extra point
Updated since 12 months: 1 extra point (also the one above !)
Good contrast image (no motion blur, sun blind spot, over/under exposure, good color): 1 extra point
No obstructions (motion blur, rain): 1 extra point
Good positioning (no text, dashboard, nicely horizontal): 1 extra point
Good an correct compas and geo-info: 1 extra point
more than 120 degree image: 1 extra point
360 degree and well stitched: 1 extra point

1: an image
2&3:that updates a location/angle image that is over a year old
4: that was taken with the right settings on a cloudy but sunny day
5&6: was taken with a selfy stick half a meter above the head & no text/date
7:all done with the right settings in the mapillary app

7 points

This way everybody can keep the points they have, it’ll just be that good contributors will get more point faster now… and well, if you are a top contributor, you’ll go faster too :wink:


All good thing to factor in, but in truth it’ll be a while before we build a challenge that scores with these variables.

The first couple related to image freshness can be calculated but the data does no refresh quickly enough so challenge scores would be quite delated. We can set one time frame though and count contributions since that date.

Image contrast, obstructions, positioning, and compass accuracy are all things we would need to calculate manually at the moment, so that is not feasible when millions of images will likely be uploaded. We are working to automate the process for image quality assessment but it is not ready yet.

I agree that images with a larger field of view should be scored more highly. Will see if we can work this in.

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I predict the prize will be won by a long-distance trucker. :frowning:


the unique KM, are they “unique” to each individual competitor?
In other words: if I photograph a road that has already been photographed by other competitors during the period of the race, do I get points?

No they are not. So the first person to get to the location during the challenge dates and upload the imagery gets the unique km points.

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Should I get any notification (email or mapillary user dashboard) after register on Google Forms?


During the race period is it possible to see the roads that have already been travelled by the participants in the race, and therefore do not produce points?



Yes. Sequences will need to be uploaded for people to claim unique kilometres, so you will see those roads as green and already covered.

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There is a good chance you’ll be the only one in your area participating though so it might not be something you need to worry about.

Good question. You should have received an email yesterday.

You can also check out the leaderboard here.

Shouldn’t the leaderboard be online by now?

Yes leaderboard has been updated with final list of participants. You can check it out here.

Are you the same allen just 2 places behind the champion jbthemilker in the all-time leaderboard? If so, thanks for the heads up. I probably should save my scooter’s mileage for other activities.

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