CompletetheMap IV

For those that haven’t seen, we’re launching our fourth CompletetheMap with new equipment prizes and a better scoring system.

Take a look at the blog post for more detail and nominate your location when you’re ready.

Excited to see this new scoring system in action.

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If photos are not unique kilometers, there are no points awarded?

How would a multi-camera (front/left/right/back) setup be scored? For segments of unique kilometers, does just one of the sequences count for points?


I guess the big difference this time is that if it’s not unique, you don’t get any points even for the extra photos. That seems a bit odd, but I guess it does meet the idea of completing the map, not just adding more photos.

I guess this time around it would only count for one camera.

So, @eneerhut, this scoring benefits people with better cameras with short intervals, right? But also walking is better than driving, right?

These are good questions. As long as there is some UKM in the sequence, the whole sequence will achieve a score.
The important point to note here is that UKM will be anything unique from 28/12/2018 onwards. So you can imagine Washington D.C. as a clean slate with plenty of opportunity. As long as you are the first to a location during the challenge, you will snag the points.

The multi-cam rig is a tricky one though. Perhaps we would need a lower score for each sequence after the first one uploaded. That is probably something we need to add to the next one. @tao thoughts?

Walking is better than driving for density yes, but you cannot cover as much ground walking, so the idea is that it balances out. The problem with other challenges was that driving had a big advantage.

This scoring system encourages those travelling faster to have a higher rate of capture. This is exactly what we need for better reconstruction of the captured images.

Do we get any points for imagery outside nominated locations?

The problem with other challenges was that driving had a big advantage.
" ~eneerhut

IMHO That makes sense given what y’ll are trying to accomplish.

Roads are definitely a focus, but we also want to go off the beaten track. Mapillary comes from “Capillary”. Like all the mini blood vessels that go to all parts of the body, we want to capture those small roads and trails that might otherwise get ignored.

So the challenge begins today :slight_smile:

Eduardo, do you have an estimate on when the links (leaderboard, participating cities/regions) are available? Thanks. Will be a lot of fun the next couple of weeks…

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Is there a list of challenge areas we can look at? I’m curious to see what’s out there. grax

@eneerhut Come on Ed - The suspense is killing us! :grin::grin:


message from @eneerhut

We’re still in the process of generating each grid but they should be up later tonight. Anything captured from the 28th around your nominated location will count though.

Already 6 day of the event, but there is no table :frowning:


Sorry for the delay @westbam. We’re still getting the scoring setup but all challenges have been created and the score will be applied retroactively. The table will be available at this URL.

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The city (Zusmarshausen, germany) i nominated is still not on the table. Can you please check, eduardo.

why the squares are so small. My square is less than 50km2 photo_2019-01-04_05-34-15

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I only got 36 squares ( An estimate of area suggests I have about 22 km².

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Really! I have the same suspicions in my location. Not all streets are equally convenient for shooting, so you do not want to be cramped in the spaces.

A new script was used to generate the grids which is using a map projection in degrees. It does not seem to be converting to square km properly though so @cbeddow is looking at how we can correct for this.

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Sorry about that! it has been generated and should appear in the next 12 hours.