CompletetheMap IV


We have error displaying data in the web-browsers!


1 km of road from A to B already previously photographed in mapillary, if photographed from B to A for the first time, how many points does it generate?


If I’m correct, it counts if it’s new during the challenge, even if it was mapped before the challenge, but mapping two directions of the same road during the challenge only counts once.


Both for and against. I generally see the road flooded (again) on December 27, before my application is submitted on December 31.
Definitely there is a selection according to the rules of the competition, here- ( some results. There are smaller numbers in the competition table.


I’m not seeing the group for Jacksonville, Florida, USA listed in the right column. Did it not get set up? Or maybe a display error? There should be a grid set up for that with some of my bike ride yesterday in it.


I nominated my location two days ago (5 January Kyiv, Ukraine). Will I be able to compete? And when will my square be ready?


Hello. I nominated Irpin, Ukraine, 50.530995, 30.230877 in December. And still not in the list.


Same here. Zusmarshausen nominated in december. Still not in the list.


Added a few sequences from January 7, to the “clean” section of the map. It should have been about 3 kilometers. In the github, the counter stopped at 2.4 kilometers.
In the github desktop map, the sequences are displayed incorrectly, in mobile it is completely correct.


The КМ does not count yet, only the photo, last considered 31/12/18. In Istanbul, the forum ended, I hope now everything will be fixed …
Keep taking pictures …


Direction does not factor into the challenge yet so it does not matter if it’s A to B or B to A unless each of these is a distinct way in OpenStreetMap.

As @pkoby said, unique in the context of this challenge is anything captured after the challenge start date 28th of December. So you can capture roads that were captured before this date and still be awarded point.


Why is the start date wrong at CtM?


Complete the Map
1/ where is the zoomable world map, please, where one can see which locations have already been nominated?
2/ now that nominations have closed, where is the map showing chosen locations, including the grids - or at least the centre of the grid and the approx. length and width?
3/ the landing page for mapillary shows that sea of green : would it be helpful to place orange dots in that sea where the nominated, and later the chosen, CtM locations are?
4/ will the weekly emails listing how many photos one contributed in the past week be reinstated, please? Last one received was in October 2018.
5/ when Mapillary resumes those weeklies, will the mail also state how many pics one contributed to various CtM challenges? Helps to find out when one accidentally passed through a CtM area!
5/ while on completing the map : once zoomed in to neighbourhood level one can see which streets were never photographed - they’re white : could Mapillary add a filter option to only show the never-before photographed streets, and streets where only photos in one direction are available?
6/ thinking of filtering : add a preset filter to show -in a different colour- any roads not re-surveyed in perhaps the past four or five years?
And if CtM Global Challenges are on Github it would be helpful if that were published - as in to all and sundry, not just the few with time follow all links : Jan Erik’s last Mapillary News was the November 2018 edition, and yes, I’m still set to receive all mails - I think, as I can’t see a setting to tick relevant boxes.
Hope there’s something in these points that’ll help,


There are no photo sequences on the map.
The report writes that it was published and counted in the competition table, but there is nothing on the map itself and in the profile.
And so not only for me but also for my friends

The sequences that did not appear are loaded after 17:00 (+02:00 UTC)


I’m not seeing the group for Jacksonville, Florida, USA listed in the right column. Did it not get set up? Or maybe a display error? There should be a grid set up for that with some of my bike ride yesterday in it.


Is the new table (from 10/01/19) another test?
Sentence. It could not be easier. Put for example a limit of 1 ukm = 1000 photos, all that is more cut.
and already for the rest come up with various coefficients…


Why dirt roads don’t generate points when photographed?


If they are on OpenStreetMap and within the grid, they should be generating points @canfe.


@westbam is it looking better now?


Sorry about that. It was created but not being searched for scores and listed on the leaderboard. Should appear tomorrow when scores are recalculated.