Changesets in mapillary, times


As I still wait for some changesets to be applied (for some days now), I want to hook up the question about a better changeset management again.
All I can see in mapillary is “changeset requested”, not which changes, not if applied or not,…
Often I request some changesets after another, but only a fraction is shown in profile, and I get no notification afther those are applied.
But yesterday I requested 40 blurs and the were applied in 1 day. I still wait for changes made to tracks in the salzburg zoo, made 1 week ago, roughly…

I have seen them coming both hours after and weeks after. Mapillary isn’t exactly a large company, so I think we have to give them a lot of slack from time to time. I am sure everybody are working really hard to keep up and still develop and fix bugs.



sure, I know these facts, also it is summer time and they did have had a DB issue.
If there would be a area in profile which does reliable show my changesets in queue, I would be happy and could better plan my next changes to the tracks I´ve done. I do not want to edit trakcs againa, which I edited 1 week ago, but are not yet applied…

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