Change e-mail address

On the mapillary website I don’t have a possibility to change my e-mail address, I have to ask the help desk to do this (which unfortunately still has not happened, my mail account will be deleted next year). Why can’t I change this myself?

Related question: is it possible to skip registering my email inside the EXIF data? I recently uploaded an image - originally made by the app, to have the full resolution - to commons and see that my email is showing in the exif data and thus viewable on the upload page ( )

Sorry we’re a bit slower over this period. Happy to say that changing email, username and more in the profile is actively being worked on so this will be a lot quicker to do in future.

I would test to change my email address (and account name) too, only on mapillary - not in this forum. 4 month later … is it possible now? No! I found nothing.
How I can change it?

@Koala Thank you for following up. Unfortunately, we had to repriorotize and, as you have pointed out, do not yet have username/email change available for users to do themselves. But we are happy to help you with these so please send your request to - thanks!