[bugreport] Incorrect status ("Adding EXIF" vs "uploading")

Sometimes the upload status gets stuck on the wrong message.
This could be related to:
a) Larger amount of images.
b) Having captured images, started upload, then captured more images, then stopped upload - or a similar sequence.

Problem detail

  • Start upload. App goes through the “Adding EXIF” phase.
  • It gets stuck on “Adding EXIF” message (a particular example - counter says 3193 / 3195).
  • Below that, speed is shown which looks like images being uploaded.
  • If process is stopped, the number of remaining images has decreased.

@Richlv Appreciated your bug reports. For bug and issue reports, please email support@mapillary.com.

@asturksever, thank you for checking on this bugreport. Emailing things is a blackhole, no clue what happens to those emails - but will send there a collection of bugreports that are still relevant.