[bugreport] Incorrect status ("Adding EXIF" vs "uploading")

Sometimes the upload status gets stuck on the wrong message.
This could be related to:
a) Larger amount of images.
b) Having captured images, started upload, then captured more images, then stopped upload - or a similar sequence.

Problem detail

  • Start upload. App goes through the “Adding EXIF” phase.
  • It gets stuck on “Adding EXIF” message (a particular example - counter says 3193 / 3195).
  • Below that, speed is shown which looks like images being uploaded.
  • If process is stopped, the number of remaining images has decreased.

@Richlv Appreciated your bug reports. For bug and issue reports, please email support@mapillary.com.

@asturksever, thank you for checking on this bugreport. Emailing things is a blackhole, no clue what happens to those emails - but will send there a collection of bugreports that are still relevant.

I’m having a hard time reproducing this. Have you seen this more than once? Can you reproduce the bug?

As soon as an image has been processed, it will begin to upload.

Thank you for looking into this.
I’ve seen it about a dozen times, but don’t know what exact steps would reproduce the problem.
It usually happens with a bigger number of images (a few thousand) and might be related to multiple start/stop sequence and upload iterations.

Ok, I’ll try with 5-10k images and see if I can get the error.

Do you do other things while uploading? Like capturing or switching to other apps etc?

Hard to say for sure. The “Adding EXIF” step is still rather slow, and makes detailed testing cumbersome.
It could be related to capturing, starting/stopping, switching from mobile network to wifi during upload, switching to other apps and back…
During active usage the problem appeared fairly frequently, though - several times per day.

Had this happen 4 times today. Latest app version, 7-12K images.