[bug] In web link preview show actual image instead of cookie notice or general mapillary description

If you post a link anywhere, for example in a chat application or forum, that application creates a website preview, usually consisting of an image and a short textual description. Currently all mapillary links to images are shown as a stupid cookie notice like this in signal:

And a general mapillary description like this in forum.mapillary.com: (from Unusual sightings in Mapillary photos - #147 by filipc )

Expected behavior: use the actual image that is linked to as the preview image (or some rectified version of that, e.g. for 360°), and as text include the name of the actual place from the reverse geocoder. (of course including a short general description what mapillary is would be totally fine.

Also, this seems to be possible in some cases already. However, it does not work for me, probably due to a broken mapillary forum configuration:

When I open the image separately, I get this:

(Note this is on a clean firefox profile without adblockers, and with the firefox advanced tracking protection disabled.)