BlackVue - ALL ERROR & BUG

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sample video ERROR

BlachVue ERROR 20190528 201752 NF - YouTube - 01:15
BlachVue ERROR 20190528 202053 NF - YouTube
BlachVue ERROR 20190528 202353 NF - YouTube

The image errors remind me of what happens if a jpeg has a few corrupt/mangled bytes. I have never seen it with an output from ffmpeg though. I’d suspect filesystem errors.

SUN error ))

sample video BlackVue 900 ERROR

I fear your Blackvue is broken…

Also suggest cleaning sdram pins, power socket/plug and the 12v vehicle socket. The vehicle socket could also be dirty. If any other 12v devics attached, ensure connections are okay and fuse is seated.

I assume the BlackVue spec’d sdram is used? Also consider reformatting the card.

The wrong time (possibly satellite) is set on my recorder in sequence, how would I change it …

If you are using the Mapillary firmware, then modify the config.ini file on the SDRAM module. the parameter;


For me in Eastern Australia that is currently -1000

If the standard firmware is still in use, the GUI has that option

GpsSync=1 also has to be set so it derives the time from the GPS signal.

The start time is however UTC embedded in each BlackVue mp4 and (I assume) used by the tools. It seems possible to override this with the wrong command line option. The local time shouldn’t really be relevant to processing.

I hope this helps.