Mapillary from Oekraine

As Facebook has abolished comments, can anyone tell this man that these pictures are no good ?

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Hi @velmyshanovnyi ,

Wouldn’t know whether you’ve enabled the setting for being notified when someone inserts @ plus your user name; this is to mention that a user has noticed something rather strange with the series you uploaded recently : would you like to have a look at the linked pics - as it is, they’re rather uninformative.

Met vriendelijke groet, (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’),

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It seems these sequences are corrupted either during capture or while you’re preprocessing them @velmyshanovnyi

I have repeatedly written about this BUG .
such photos should be deleted AUTOMATICALLY !!!


Hi @velmyshanovnyi,

Currently we do not have auto-detection of low quality images. I’d recommend you to check if there is any issue with the hardware for capturing videos or during pre-processing stage. You can also request deletion for these faulty sequences.

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