Lag, Offset with Blackvue DR900S-1CH dashcam due to mapillary server

I open new topic because i’m not sure to be clear in previous one (Blackvue DR900S-1CH dashcam).

For my christmas, i bought Blackvue DR900S-1CH because seems to be very easy, in particular : Direct Upload (Recommended)
“* Upload videos located in path/to/videos directly to Mapillary. Videos are moved to path/to/videos/uploaded folder after upload. Videos that do not contain valid imagery are not uploaded to minimize bandwidth usage. Sampling is performed in the cloud so no extra disk space is required. This command supports the front camera video from the Blackvue DR900s (1-channel and 2-channel) models.”

it’s recommended but it’s not realy working, there’s an lag, an offset, a time lapse (i don’t know the right term).
Example :

and the good picture is 9 pictures before (

So do you think i continue to upload video (as recommended) or i try to find an other process ?

I use the (deprecated) local mode. If you wish to debug this error I would suggest running this on the movie with the lag error, but not upload. The georeferenced output images can then be compared with those on the web site.

I have seen GPS lag on some of my earlier BlackVue files.

There are some recommended settings for standard BlackVue’s that may need checking. eg Sync with GPS time on, 4K UHD Extreme 30FPS, H264 AVC, Normal Record On, Event and Voice record off

If you need command syntax assistance please ask.

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hi, today i uploaded others files and i saved them. So if i have same lag offset, i will test local mode.