Background layers on website stopped working?

It looks to me like the background layers on the Mapillary website stopped working?

Only the “Mapillary Streets” layer works, the others all raise error messages: “Refused to connect to [URL here] because it violates the document’s Content Security Policy”.

It seems like somebody at Mapillary published a new content security policy, without testing…

Exactly the same behavior to me. No matter which browser client (edge, chrome) or hardware platform (desktop, tablet). Everywhere the same. No different background layer except mapillary streets is working.


That’s still the state of play on Thursday 22 July at 12 noon UTC ; especially the satellite imagery can be helpful when trying to ascertein that a particular picture is indeed in the correct spot.
@Anders : added you while looking for @mapillary.

Noticing the same thing. An issue has been created to further investigate this and find a fix.

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Map and satellite layers should be working now.

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Confirmation! Both mapillary satellite layer as well as openstreetmap layer are working now as expected. Thx a lot for fixing!

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