Awesome sequences

360 degree photo near Goleta, CA, US taken on my Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014.

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What did you use to stich those together?

@allen I used the Google Camera App with “Photoshpehere mode” set at max/high quality. The sticthing is done within the app and it takes about 3 to 6 minutes to process before taking another photo.

“Google Camera” - do you mean the Google Street View app?
If so, how do you get 360 photos taken with that app, into the Mapillary app?

I’m having the same issue - I have a nice LG 360 cam that can take nice 360 photos for the camera roll or straight into Google Street View, but I can’t figure out how to import them to the Mapillary world.


Here is link to Google Camera app:

I use Google Camera app to take photospheres and use the Street View app to manage them after I manually uploaded them by computer. I like the controls of the Google Camera app.

Make sure you let the phone finish processing the photosphere before taking more photos or you run the risk of losing that photosphere.

I copy my photospheres to a dedicated Google Photos album and also back them up to Google Drive and my local SSD. Then I will upload to Google Maps (and any new photospheres will also be uploaded to Mapillary). This process ensures that my photos are backed up and I can safely delete the photo off the phone to save space.

I just started going back through all my old photospheres and started manually uploading them to Mapillary.

I found that there wasn’t anything I had to do to my photospheres for Mapillary. I just simply manually upload them.

I got about 100 photospheres and it will take some time to upload them to Mapillary as some are connected with each other. :slight_smile:

Hello Patrick,
maybe you can get some hints about that camera app in this thread:

My biggest feature request on Mapillary is still to have a filter option to find those spherical panoramas on a map.

Thank you all for the info. I didn’t realize the tool was out there. I’ll try to put it to use this weekend!

Is it using the original (full) resolution of the picture you took ? I remember that some time ago Mapillary could not show the full detail (resolution) of the picture because of internal limitation of processing/visualizing.

I take all my photospheres at original (full) resolution. I did notice the photospheres I uploaded on Mapillary that is not showing at or really near the full resolution.

Another car accident captured on Mapillary in Holley, FL, US near Navarre, FL, US.

Captured photo of a medical helicopter landing/taking today in front of a fire station on US 29 near Century, FL, US and they closed the northbound road temporarily. It will take some time for it to show up on the map with my batch uploads.

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Mapillary on a snowmobile.

This is 1080 video on a Garmin Virb Elite uploaded using the video uploader. Only problem is the Garmin max video files are 3.5 gb and mapillary maximum is 2.5 gb. Not a big deal though, cut the videos in half with GPS prune.

Just tried another one and it looks like 2.5 gb video limit is gone!


Ah, this looks familiar! I believe we have featured this somewhere. Beautiful indeed!

A Volkswagen cutting me off on purpose.
Probably because I brake when he blows his horn behind me (not on the highway of course).

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Last month we cycled through the spectaculair canyon of the Winnats pass in Derbyshire, England. We had two cameras, one was facing backwards, one to the front. I uploaded the videos to Mapillary and here are the results:

The front camera (picture above) is a cheap Mobius HD actioncam, mounted below the handlebars.
The back camera is a Drift HD Ghost (mounted on the rear rack of the bike in the picture above)


Not a sequence, per se, but I did catch a close view of a crow mid-flight in a picture I got today while driving though Cerritos, California.


Descent of cable car from the “Mirante do Cruzeiro” to the Aparecida’s National Shrine. Wonderful view!!
*need of edits :slight_smile:

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It wouldn’t be Australia without kangaroos.

Or turkeys?

Driving along the beach south of Adelaide:


Crossing the ferry at Walker Flat, South Australia:

Police pulling everyone over to check for drunk drivers and drug testing. This was only because people were going away for Easter long weekend.

I was also stopped (a little bit later in the sequence), alcohol tested, drug tested, licence checked and vehicle plate checked.

Police really have nothing better to do in South Australia. If you turn off into a side street they usually have other police waiting or will chase you, nobody gets though unless is very busy with traffic.

Will have more once they are processed.

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Down tools, Happy Easter

The Torrens Road to River Torrens Project - Adelaide, South Australia.